Add a New Dimension to Your AP Automation Processes with X3CloudDocs Inbound

By Paul Mincer
November 17, 2021

We’re delighted to announce the new release of X3CloudDocs Inbound.

The release features:

  • Enhanced dimensions handling for your supplier invoices;
  • Improved mobile experience;
  • Simplified reporting.

If budget control and analysis using metrics such as departmentcost centre, and project are important to your business, then this release is definitely for you!

If you’re familiar with Sage X3, you’ll know that dimensions allow you to tag your transactions, such as orders, invoices or accounting entries, with additional details for reporting, budgeting, workflow and approval purposes. In previous releases of X3CloudDocs, users were able to assign default values in Sage X3 and then edit these values for individual invoices before posting and paying them.

In X3CloudDocs Inbound, Release 2021R2, you can now also manage the use of dimension master data when you’re verifying and approving supplier invoices in the web portal. You can code your invoices by cost centre, department, project, or any number of other metrics critical to your business and you can also set X3CloudDocs to remember the values you’ve input for the next invoice for the same supplier.

Individual dimension master data types can be set to be mandatory and if you’re also raising purchase orders then dimension values input on the web portal work alongside those on the PO itself to give you the right end result in Sage X3. For non-PO invoices you can use your defaults set in Sage X3, or set them for each invoice as appropriate.

You can also configure approval workflows to check for certain dimension values, so it’s now much easier to redirect invoices for approval based on a particular department, say, or perhaps relating to a particular project. Approving these invoices also couldn’t be easier: you’re notified about invoices for approval by email and you can then log in directly from the email either on your desktop or on a mobile device to review the details already coded on the invoice before approving. 

If that wasn’t enough, the analytics available with X3CloudDocs Inbound also allow for invoice reports to be generated including your dimension inputs, so month end accruals reporting by department, for example, just got easier!

Watch the video below to see our dimensions in action.

Get in touch for more details on how X3CloudDocs Inbound can bring AP automation to your Finance operation.