Add Company and Language Capabilities to your Documents in X3CloudDocs Outbound

By Paul Mincer
August 1, 2022

The new release of X3CloudDocs Outbound is finally here!

The release features:

  • Multi-company, multi-language configuration;
  • Improved company/site restriction functionality.


If your business is multi-entity and/or multi-language then X3CloudDocs Outbound now simplifies the set-up of your email templates, meaning that these can now be configured faster and in languages appropriate to each company/site and each customer or supplier. 

So, for example, if your default is to send emails in English from a general email address, but one of your entities also needs to send emails to certain customers in French from another address, then this scenario can be configured as an exception to the rule for each document.

The result should be reduced implementation times and, therefore, reduced implementation costs.

Improved company/site restriction functionality

You can also define company/site restrictions to roles, so that users only get to work with the documents specific to them. So, if you have users who only need to view statements for their particular company, then you can configure their role definition appropriately.

Administrators should now find it simpler to grant and update users with access to the documents that they need.

Coming Soon: Securely store any document!

We’re shortly going to introduce the ability to take a document that wasn’t created in Sage X3 and tag and store it securely in X3CloudDocs with your own set of tags. So, for example, if you want to store customer original purchase orders, supplier delivery notes or internal production sheets, then you might choose to tag these documents against a reference created in X3, like a sales order or invoice number, a PO or a work order, or simply against a customer or supplier number.

Once these documents are tagged, then the powerful X3CloudDocs global search will allow you to search for any document with a particular reference, whether it was created in Sage X3 or not!

For more information on any of the new features above, or to arrange a demonstration, contact us today.