Document Upload, Tag Recognition and APIs: X3CloudDocs Outbound Latest Updates

By Brian Martin
October 2, 2022

X3CloudDocs Outbound has its second update of 2022.

Release 2022 R2 contains the eagerly awaited Document Upload facility, which means you can now store external documents not created in Sage X3 and tag them to fit in with existing documents that need to be linked. 

Other exciting features of this release include the ability to recognise tags in documents created by other document management systems, making the migration process to X3CloudDocs even easier! There’s also a new API available so that documents can be downloaded to 3rd party solutions, like e-commerce sites and other external systems.

Document Upload

Documents not generated by Sage X3 can now be uploaded to X3CloudDocs. For instance, if you need to store documents like certificates of analysis or proofs of delivery along with a delivery note or sales order acknowledgement, then you can now import your documents and tag them with the appropriate order number from X3. Once you’ve done that, use the global search bar to return all documents matching that order number for you to preview, download or email. The global search will find documents from both outbound and generic stores making it easy to link documents together.

In the next release, the ability to verify tags against data synchronised from Sage X3 will be included.

Tag Recognition

Document recognition has been enhanced to recognise tags. When a document is defined it is now possible to choose between x, y coordinates or tags for identification and indexing.

External API

An API is now available so that documents can be downloaded to 3rd party systems such as e-commerce sites.

Cloud Software

The ability to upload data from Sage X3 in packets to improve performance has been added. A later update to the Sage X3 software is required to make use of the improvement.

A number of improvements have been made to improve support functionality.

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