Newsbytes #2: March 2023

By Brian Martin
March 1, 2023

The end of 2022, and the start of 2023, have seen some great achievements; with new projects and successful Go-Lives in the UK, US and Australia.

As would be expected, working in other regions creates new challenges! Different tax structures, business processes and Sage X3 configurations all add to the diversity of our customer base.  This is where the design of X3CloudDocs can add real value; Sage X3 is a complex product which can be configured in many ways and the knowledge accumulated from 20 years of implementing Sage X3 taught us that we needed to build in flexibility to the core product to handle this diversity of configuration.

A great example of this is Invoice Elements – which, while not used in the UK heavily, is implemented more commonly in the US.  Our developers and consultants have worked with X3CloudDocs sites to determine the core requirements and provide a solution for our customers, in one case using up to 13 elements. The handling of Invoice Elements in X3CloudDocs will not be in the standard release until later this year, but an ad hoc enhancement is available for customers who urgently require it.  Another example, also largely surfaced from the US customers, is where the Bill of Lading number is important when matching invoices to receipts. We have easily been able to integrate it into the core product.

These customer requirements will continue to feedback into the standard product, contributing to R&D strategy, and ultimately enhancing X3CloudDocs for everyone.

We have had a great start to 2023, with 4 new customers going live already! One of the customers has embraced the full range of functionality on offer, using X3CloudDocs Outbound for;

  • E-mailing over 1,000 sales invoices per day.
  • The storage and migration of over 4,000,000 documents.
  • The generic document storage function is used daily across a number of document types.
  • API exposed to the customer website so customers can view their invoices.

The Generic Document upload was enhanced significantly in the 2022 Q4. It is now possible to verify the labels (tags) against Sage X3 data. In the following example, I am uploading a Purchase Invoice. By searching for FAP the list of invoices is populated. Only a reference for a valid Sage X3 invoice will be accepted.

It is possible to build verification links to almost any data table within Sage X3 which will ensure your Generic Documents are easier to retrieve.

Coming Soon:

The development roadmap is iterative and agile, but we are also developing against a longer-term strategy of functional and technical enhancements.

The upcoming development cycle for Inbound will be focussed on functionality frequently requested across our global customer base; specifically, some of the candidates for development are: improved line-level VAT handling, use of the packing slip number in receipt matching, more options to handle month-end processing and invoice elements.

For Outbound we are focussed on providing the ability to view documents stored in X3CloudDocs from within Sage X3. It is a major enhancement, and one frequently requested by customers also. We have spent a lot of time researching and assessing the best approach and it’s beginning to take shape. The R&D team are very excited about this enhancement, as it deepens the integration between X3CloudDocs and Sage X3. Hopefully we can provide some previews via the website over the coming weeks!

Two other Outbound enhancements are being rolled out:

  • Maintenance mode – improved control of the document synchronisation when the site is off line for maintenance.
  • End-of-Day report – A daily report to administrators detailing the activity by document store and listing any exceptions.


We are delighted to announce that we have partnered with two new companies to sell, implement, and support X3CloudDocs around the world.


Headquartered in New York, Net@Work have 21 office locations based in the US and Canada, supporting over 6000 clients.  Founded in 1996, they are a recognised industry leader supporting a variety of ERP, CRM, HRIS, and Managed IT systems.  Last year, Net@Work were ranked on the 2022 MSP 501 – Tech Industry’s Most Prestigious List of IT Managed Service Providers Worldwide – and on the 2022 List of Top 100 ERP VARS.

RKL e-Solutions

Founded in 2001, RKL e-Solutions provides business software and IT/Networking solutions for their clients.  With five office locations and a further seven service region locations all in the US, RKL provide a wide variety of Sage ERP, Enterprise Performance, and Process Automation solutions over more than 15 different industries.  Last year, RKL were listed amongst the 2022 Sage Intact Partner Award Winners and also maintained their Top 30 status on Bob Scott’s  Annual Top 100 VARS Report.

We are always on the look out for Sage X3 partners around the world who are interested in selling X3CloudDocs. If you’re interested in partnering with us, get in touch with our team!

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What Customers Say About X3CloudDocs:

Efficient AP processes directly impact relationships with both suppliers and internal stakeholders. Automated systems facilitate timely and accurate payments, enhancing the trust and collaboration between businesses and their suppliers. Moreover, AP automation will automate “embarrassing” tasks such as chasing whether internally for approvals or payments externally, cutting out the “guilt or embarrassment” and speeding up the process.

Alex Stephens – TIMCO

X3CloudDocs has really automated our company’s AP processes. We now spend less time doing manual work and has truly made our AP processes very easy and efficient. The solution is very user friendly and the interface is easy for even a novice to navigate. As many other companies experience we have several control points and validation checks along with approval hierarchy we need to employ day to day and X3CD almost seamlessly integrated with our existing processes and controls. 

Heather Sauceda – Transpak

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