Verify Invoices From Over 50 Countries With X3CloudDocs Purchase Invoice Automation

By Paul Mincer
January 18, 2024
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In Accounts Payable, you’ll know that invoices come into the business in all shapes and sizes – and increasingly from different countries and even in different languages. Ensuring that you can interpret the invoice correctly could be critical when it comes to the accuracy and timeliness of invoice processing and, ultimately, payment. Get it wrong, and you could be missing out on significant discounts, missing payment deadlines, or even paying the wrong amounts!

With X3CloudDocs 2024 R1, you can now select from over 50 national variations of document types (covering over 150 different sub-types), which will automatically map data from your invoices in whatever language to the required fields in Sage X3.

X3CloudDocs can interpret invoice content across multiple languages, as well as currency and date formats, so by selecting from one of a number of regional document types, you can be presented with invoice information in a standard way so that you can ensure that it’s correctly coded before passing it through for approval, or even straight to Sage X3.

This also opens up the ability for you to link these document types to your Buyer/Site details, so if you have sites in different countries, or you simply want to apply a default set of document sub-types (PO Invoice, Expense Invoice or Credit Note) to your sites, then you can now do this.

Imagine, for example, that you have Sage X3 sites across multiple territories. By defining the appropriate country for each of these Buyer accounts in X3CloudDocs Inbound, then when you’re uploading invoices, you could then either use automatic classification for both sites and document types, or automatically apply country-specific document sub-types based on the country of the site you select (US document types for US sites, British document types for UK sites, French document types for French sites, and so on). Then, if you decide that you need to change anything while you’re processing invoices, then that’s OK – an invoice might start off being for a US site, with field names in English, but you could then correct this so that it’s applied to a UK site and document type instead, or even France, with field names in French perhaps.

In each case, X3CloudDocs will automatically map the fields correctly so that the invoice appears ready for posting in Sage X3.

This also means that if you have users working across different legislations, or who are simply based in different countries, they can deal with local language invoices using standard functionality. Just to say, some admin configuration will be required to ensure that your various document sub-types are set up correctly, as not all fields for all document types and sub-types are used in Sage X3.

For more details on upgrading to this release of X3CloudDocs Inbound, please contact your implementation partner.

X3CloudsDocs Inbound Screenshot

Select any regional document type when uploading an invoice

X3CloudDocs Inbound Invoice Translation

X3CloudDocs interprets details on the invoice according to the language for the document type.

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Efficient AP processes directly impact relationships with both suppliers and internal stakeholders. Automated systems facilitate timely and accurate payments, enhancing the trust and collaboration between businesses and their suppliers. Moreover, AP automation will automate “embarrassing” tasks such as chasing whether internally for approvals or payments externally, cutting out the “guilt or embarrassment” and speeding up the process.

Alex Stephens – TIMCO

X3CloudDocs has really automated our company’s AP processes. We now spend less time doing manual work and has truly made our AP processes very easy and efficient. The solution is very user friendly and the interface is easy for even a novice to navigate. As many other companies experience we have several control points and validation checks along with approval hierarchy we need to employ day to day and X3CD almost seamlessly integrated with our existing processes and controls. 

Heather Sauceda – Transpak

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