What is X3CloudDocs Outbound, and How Does It Work?

By Paul Mincer
October 20, 2021

X3CloudDocs Outbound is a one-stop-shop, hosted using secure cloud technology, which you can access from anywhere, to help you manage the documents flowing out of Sage X3.

If you’ve been following us on social media, then you’ll be aware that around a year ago we launched X3CloudDocs as an AP Automation solution, to help Finance departments with a lot of the grind involved with processing, approving and then storing supplier invoices before they’re posted and paid in Sage X3. 

We’ve had an amazing response to this so far, so, if you haven’t seen it and AP processing is an area where you’re looking to make some cost-effective efficiencies, please do get in touch.

However, not ones to rest on our laurels, we realised that, following on from the success of the solution dealing with documents coming into Sage X3, we needed to address how outbound documents were being handled – and so X3CloudDocs Outbound was born!

X3CloudDocs Outbound is a one-stop-shop, hosted using secure cloud technology, which you can access from anywhere, to help you manage the documents flowing out of X3, such as:

  • Sales Quotes
  • Order Acknowledgments
  • Invoices
  • Purchase Orders
  • Remittance Advice
  • Statements

Documents land in X3CloudDocs when you send them from Sage X3, which you can do manually or automatically, and, as soon as they arrive, they’re emailed out, saving you the time and cost associated with emailing or even printing and posting documents by hand.

Based on your user role you can see the documents that relate to your company and job function. You can search, preview, download and email your documents again to your usual contacts for those business partners, and behind each one is a digital paper trail, so you can see, for instance, how many times it’s been sent.

Contact details are automatically synchronised from X3 and it’s easy to spot which of them are missing crucial details like email addresses.

So, to summarise, X3CloudDocs Outbound provides hassle-free automated management of your critical customer- and supplier-facing documents, from a secure portal. It’s also scalable and can be implemented in a matter of days. If you’re also interested in AP automation, then X3CloudDocs Plus provides your complete document management solution, for both inbound and outbound documents.

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What Customers Say About X3CloudDocs:

Efficient AP processes directly impact relationships with both suppliers and internal stakeholders. Automated systems facilitate timely and accurate payments, enhancing the trust and collaboration between businesses and their suppliers. Moreover, AP automation will automate “embarrassing” tasks such as chasing whether internally for approvals or payments externally, cutting out the “guilt or embarrassment” and speeding up the process.

Alex Stephens – TIMCO

X3CloudDocs has really automated our company’s AP processes. We now spend less time doing manual work and has truly made our AP processes very easy and efficient. The solution is very user friendly and the interface is easy for even a novice to navigate. As many other companies experience we have several control points and validation checks along with approval hierarchy we need to employ day to day and X3CD almost seamlessly integrated with our existing processes and controls. 

Heather Sauceda – Transpak

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