X3CloudDocs Outbound 2023 R2 is Here!

By Paul Mincer
July 7, 2023

We’re delighted to announce that X3CloudDocs Outbound 2023 R2 is here! The main, but really exciting feature of this release is the ability to view and download your documents from anywhere, not just via the X3CloudDocs web portal, but also within Sage X3 – and you can decide where!

Key documents from Sage X3, such as orders, deliveries, invoices and remittances can now be viewed, not just from the originating record in X3, but from the Customer or Supplier record, for instance. Imagine being able to connect to your customer’s account and being able to view quotes, orders, invoices and statements in a single place! And that’s not all…

With the facility to tag non-X3 “generic” documents, such as proofs of delivery, contracts, customs forms, emails and so on, you can now also view all of these and more wherever you need to in Sage X3, using the attachment button. Perhaps you want the Sales Order record to be the central point of reference for all of the documents associated with that order, or maybe you want to be able to capture documents related to a Production Work Order, or reports and other documents you generate, either from or outside of X3, relating to your Sales Reps. The possibilities really are endless!

For a demo or more information on how to upgrade your Sage X3 system to X3CloudDocs Outbound 2023 R2, please contact your account manager or reach out to us at helpdesk@x3clouddocs.com.