Electronic Document Management

X3CloudDocs Outbound Electronic Document Management Module

X3CloudDocs Outbound is an Electronic Document Management (EDM) solution. Uncover the cost and time benefits of digitally sending and archiving business documents such as invoices, remittances, or statements, all with minimal impact on your IT infrastructure. The ability to search and sort the data expedites the process of physically finding documents, saving your employees valuable time and simplifying audits. The Outbound module enables remote working with paperless processes and provides fully traceable document journeys.

X3CloudDocs Electronic Document Management (Outbound) intelligently sends business documents from Sage X3 to nominated contacts, securely archives them into a cloud store, and makes them easy to access for audit and daily use.

Documents are generated by Sage X3, or manually uploaded to the solution.

These are automatically, or manually, indexed and uploaded to cloud storage.

Where needed, the document is automatically emailed to a nominated contact. Finally, documents are visible in Sage X3 and via a web portal.

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Electronic Document Management Infographic
  • Documents generated from Sage X3, such as sales invoices, are automatically captured and stored in the cloud.
  • Contact data from Sage X3 is synchronised to the cloud.
  • Documents are automatically emailed to nominated contacts at business partners or suppliers.
  • Documents can be retrieved via any browser on any device from anywhere; no need to be on the VPN.
  • Options to view, email, or download your documents are available.
  • Document archiving is automated.
  • An audit trail for each document is created.
  • User access is restricted by roles. For example, sales users can be limited to sales quotes and invoices only.

According to market research, it can cost £3-£8 to physically post and archive a business document, not including storage costs. It is estimated that retrieving the same document from off-site storage can cost around £15 and often take up to 24 hours. Additionally, around two-thirds of business invoices are paid late for those using manual processes, affecting cash flow and profitability.

X3CloudDocs Outbound (Electronic Document Management) can digitally transform your finance department, saving your business time, money, and resources. A solution built for Sage X3 users by Sage X3 experts, X3CloudDocs Outbound focuses on business efficiency while improving employee satisfaction.

  • A SaaS Solution: With almost no impact on your IT infrastructure, the subscription model reduces the cost of ownership and means X3CloudDocs Outbound can easily scale as your business grows.
  • Cost and Time: Using digital tools to send invoices electronically results in invoices being paid 33% faster and cloud storage of all financial documents makes remote access for all users quick and easy.
  • Fast Implementation: A 2 to 3-day implementation time gives you quick access to efficiency benefits and therefore a faster return on investment.
  • Automation and Efficiency: From generating a business document to sending and archiving, X3CloudDocs Outbound allows you to create and send documents digitally, rather than relying on paper copies.

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