Burns Pet Food

X3CloudDocs Implementation at Burns Pet Food

How X3CloudDocs enabled a digital age transition for Burns’ Finance team.

Burns Pet Food
Location: UK
Company Size: < 100

The Challenge

Reduce the manual entry time and ensure a high level of traceability on all financial documents.

The Outcome

Successfully able to process 1 months’ worth of invoices in just a couple of afternoons, rather than 1 week!

The business

When Burns Pet Food was established in 1993, they were the UK’s first natural pet food company providing high quality food for dogs, cats and rabbits aiming to improve their health and happiness. Since then, they have flourished and grown rapidly over the last few years.

Burns have been using Sage X3 since 2015 with Mysoft (parent company to X3CloudDocs) as their support partner. They recently recognised a need for digital change within their Finance department. The 2020 Coronavirus pandemic, UK lockdown, and the nation’s love of domestic pets has meant that business is booming for Burns and subsequently their internal financial processes needed to be streamlined. Financial Analyst at Burns, Jake Pyle, headed up the project to bring X3CloudDocs into the business in order to automate their purchase invoice process.

“X3CloudDocs has revolutionised the way we work. We can now successfully process 1 months’ worth of invoices in just a couple of afternoons, rather than 1 week!”

– Burns Pet Food, Financial Analyst , Jake Pyle

Since joining the business in March 2020, Jake noticed that his role was being taken over by manual admin tasks, “I wanted to be spending time on project-based work, reduce my manual entry time down and ensure there was a high level of traceability on all financial documents.” Jake stressed the importance of having the time to support the rest of the team and how the amount of time he was spending on processing purchase invoices was unsustainable.

The team’s purchase invoice process previously consisted of a chain of emails with PDF attachments which was both time consuming and unreliable. “I felt that we needed to digitalise our purchase invoice process to reduce manual input and increase efficiency in an unprecedented year”, Jake said.

An archive room in the office was being used to store all of the old financial documents which not only took up a large amount of space, but with the increase of remote working during the UK’s lockdown meant that staff struggled to access and file information they needed to.

Based on the support service that Burns already receives for Sage X3, Mysoft were the first port of call for additional software. X3CloudDocs demos and meetings were quickly set up to help Burns with their challenges. X3CloudDocs was the natural fit for Burns due to the seamless integration with Sage X3, the ERP system that they have been using for 5 years.

X3CloudDocs was swiftly implemented into the business by our expert team. Jake was really impressed with the smooth implementation process and commented, “Paul was excellent. Paul and I had a great professional relationship when it came to training. The system itself is very user friendly and I picked it up surprisingly quickly.”

Since go live both Paul Mincer, Solutions Consultant, and Brian Martin, Product Author, have been on hand to help Jake set up the system so that it meets their needs as a business. There was a minor error encountered upon implementation. Once Brian and Paul had been notified, the teething problem had been remedied in just 24 hours.

The initial reaction from both Senior Management and the Finance Approvers at Burns has been confidently positive. The Approvers are great admirers of the interface and the AP invoice process workflow allows them to better manage their time and workload.

The archive room no longer has to be used as X3CloudDocs acts as a cloud-based archive store for all purchase invoices, “with a couple of clicks of a button I can search for any historical invoices that need to be viewed, and it’s there!”, Jake remarked. This feature has been particularly useful to them during the high levels of remote working throughout 2020.

Once X3CloudDocs was up and running Jake told us that “X3CloudDocs has revolutionised the way we work. We can now successfully process 1 months’ worth of invoices in just a couple of afternoons, rather than 1 week!” As a result, Jake has noticed that he is spending significantly less time manually processing purchase invoices. The solution has enabled him to gain more value from his role by applying himself to other projects and being exposed to management accounts and corporate reporting to develop in his career.

Jake has been most impressed with the digital capabilities. He comments, “you need to be digital in this day and age and X3CloudDocs has done exactly that for us. It’s a one stop shop for all of our AP invoice needs.” Many of the efficiency challenges that 2020 has intensified for Burns’ Finance team have been overcome through the use of X3CloudDocs.

Compared to Burns’ previous, very manual process the automation has been second to none for them. The fact that all of the users can carry out their purchase invoice responsibilities in one solution has successfully enabled the Finance team to transition into the digital age with ease.

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