ENVEA UK LTD, a world class manufacturer of ambient, emission and process monitoring systems, uses X3CloudDocs to automate the AP automation process. 

Find out how ENVEA overcomes manual inefficiencies, freeing up employees to focus on value-added tasks while streamlining approvals and eliminating delays.


Location: Global
Company Size: >1000

The Challenge

Freeing up the workload for Envea employees, allowing them to focus on important work rather than time-intensive repetitive entries.

The Outcome

A reduced manual effort for the AP process and a streamlined approvals process, allowing employees to focus on more value-add tasks.

The Business

ENVEA is a global environmental technology company that provides innovative solutions for monitoring and controlling air quality. ENVEA designs, develop and manufactures high-performance sensors, analysers, and software systems for a variety of applications, including industrial process monitoring, emission control, and environmental compliance.

With a strong focus on environmental sustainability, ENVEA is dedicated to helping industries monitor their emissions and take steps towards reducing their carbon footprint.

Jayant, the IT Systems Manager at ENVEA UK LTD, is responsible for everything related to Sage X3, the main ERP system used by the company. He manages the system, as well as the integrations and plugins that are necessary. As part of an ongoing process improvement review, an inefficiency within their finance department was identified, specifically with Accounts Payable; with the help of their Sage support partner, ENVEA identified X3CloudDocs as a suitable solution.

We looked at 2-3 other solutions, but the best one that we found was X3CloudDocs. It was the most suitable for our business process. The UI is really simple and very easy to use. We wanted a simple software that could get the job done and integrated smoothly with Sage X3, and with X3CloudDocs it was just that.

ENVEA, Jayant Shinde, IT Systems Manager



One of the biggest challenges faced by ENVEA UK LTD was its AP automation process. With numerous invoices to process and validate every day, the manual process was tedious, laborious, and time-consuming. They were looking for a solution which would allow their team to focus more on value-added tasks, rather than tasks which are better suited to a robot, as well as paperless automation that aligned with their company mission and values.

After implementing Sage X3 in 2021 with their Sage support partner, X3 Consulting, ENVEA realised the AP automation process still required a significant amount of manual effort, and there would be a requirement for automation software to help drive efficiency in this process.



ENVEA looked at a few different solutions, but ultimately chose X3CloudDocs as the best fit for their business process, having been introduced and recommended by X3 Consulting. X3CloudDocs was chosen because of its simple user interface and its ability to integrate smoothly with Sage X3.

We enjoy working with the X3CloudDocs team. We work with lots of companies and feel your team were so professional, giving us notes from every single meeting and sharing what is in our roadmap, what’s going to happen, what’s going on, what’s not going to happen, what’s in our scope, your scope and what our next steps are. There were no last-minute surprises.”



X3CloudDocs helped to free up the workload for ENVEA employees, allowing them to focus on important work rather than time-intensive repetitive entries. The software also streamlined the approvals process, with the ability to automatically “route” an invoice through a multi-level approval workflow; with email notifications (and reminder emails) this process is low-touch and accessible from anywhere, supporting remote working and a paperless operation. The digital platform offered by X3CloudDocs allowed ENVEA to move away from physical copies and the physical process of emails, writing things down, and signing things off, eliminating unnecessary delays and manual data entry errors.

The software has been highly effective in reducing the manual effort required for the AP process, freeing up employees to focus on more value-add tasks.

We are quite impressed with X3CloudDocs. I would like to highlight the support that is provided, which is really good. If I have a small issue or a large issue, whenever we create tickets, there’s always a person who responds really quickly. The support team is really nice.”

“I would highly recommend X3CloudDocs. Since implementing X3CloudDocs, we have improved so many things. Even if some things are not yet in place, there’s always something coming in the roadmap.”

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