Mysoft Implement Their Own Invoice Automation Solution, X3CloudDocs

Mysoft, a leading UK Sage X3 partner, is the parent company and developer of X3CloudDocs which was launched in 2020.

Location: UK
Company Size: < 100

The Challenge

Reducing manual input in business processes, making business processes easier, reducing human error, and driving efficiency.

The Outcome

Noticeable time saving and big reduction in the manual entry.

There were four key industry challenges that Mysoft aimed to overcome with X3CloudDocs:

  1. Reducing manual input in business processes,
  2. Making business processes easier,
  3. Reducing human error,
  4. And driving efficiency.

Chris Schafer, Managing Director, explains, “The primary question we wanted to keep asking ourselves was ‘Will our customers and prospective customers benefit from this?’

As well as being a reputable vendor of Sage X3, Mysoft use Sage X3 internally. This meant that it was possible for Mysoft to implement their own solution, X3CloudDocs, in order to transform the Finance Department. Head of Finance, Sunita Srivastava, comments on why she was interested to explore X3CloudDocs internally, “After being in Finance for so many years I can see the need for such a solution. X3CloudDocs very nicely captures that market with a solution that is highly automated for Sage X3 users.”

“Crucially, the solution does not make internal roles redundant. It is a tool that will help managers to redeploy human resource for improved job satisfaction and remove repetitive tasks from their desks.”

– Mysoft, Managing Director, Chris Schafer

Being Sage X3 users themselves, Mysoft are just like their customers. They have the same needs and a requirement to keep up with the changing environment. Chris comments, “The reality is that there’s a digital transformation occurring in the world. It has been going on for years but the speed of it is probably faster now than it’s ever been before. The market opportunity for X3CloudDocs existed because we knew from experience that Sage X3 could only deal with that particular piece of business process manually.”

The seamless integration between the two solutions has been possible because of Mysoft’s focus on a Sage X3 centric offering. The solution is only required to work with Sage X3 and therefore the integration is much more refined and X3CloudDocs is able to retain a high-quality user experience.


When X3CloudDocs was implemented at Mysoft, it was ready to be sold externally so the process was treated the same as it would be for a customer. After just 2 hours of in-depth training with Paul Mincer, Solutions Consultant, Sunita was ready to start using the solution, she comments, “It really is that simple!”

Once the solution was live and Sunita started using it, there were two key things to note. Firstly, Sunita quickly noticed how much time the solution was saving her. Secondly, she was pleased to see a big reduction in the manual entry. This enabled Sunita to better manage her time and gave her an opportunity to focus more on reporting.

Now, you might say that we are biased here. And you’d probably be right! But for the purposes of this review, both Chris and Sunita have tried to remain honest and critical. Here are the key benefits that Mysoft have experienced so far:

Head of Finance, Sunita, has found that cash management is more easily accomplished because the Accounts Payable data is always up to date. “During the Covid-19 pandemic, the economic situation was uncertain. This meant weekly, and sometimes daily, reporting to the Directors about the cashflow of the business. I was able to do this really efficiently through X3CloudDocs,” Sunita says. Additionally, improved cash management has meant more informed strategic planning for Mysoft too.

Coronavirus has meant the majority of the UK and other parts of the world have been working from home throughout 2020 and into 2021. Sunita comments, “The benefit of X3CloudDocs is that the work can be done remotely as there is no need to physically handle the paper, which often people would rather avoid anyway, and electronic copies of the documents are all stored in the Cloud so I can access them from anywhere.”

Chris Schafer adds that, “Crucially, the solution does not make internal roles redundant. It is a tool that will help managers to redeploy human resource for improved job satisfaction and remove repetitive tasks from their desks.”

Lastly, the element that has most impressed Sunita is the ability to easily collate or separate invoices from a document. “The one thing that really impressed me was if a supplier were to send a document which contained 10 invoices, with the press of a button the software can split these up into individual invoices which could then be easily processed through to Sage X3. On the flip side of that, if you got sent 10 different pages of 1 invoice, the solution collates them and that’s a really good feature of X3CloudDocs.”

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