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CAVU Group

CAVU Group Implement X3CloudDocs for Seamless Sage X3 AP Automation

Discover how temperature monitoring solutions provider, CAVU Group, can now process 90% of their PO invoices without intervention

CAVU Group

The Business

Based in the United States, CAVU Group deliver revolutionary temperature monitoring and management solutions. With over 35 years of experience, their team is dedicated to solving thermal hardships in the industrial, diagnostics, food, life science and medical devices industries.

CAVU Group have been using Sage X3 since 2010, supported by their Sage X3 partner SWK Technologies. CAVU Group began their X3 journey on one of Sage’s early versions of Sage X3, Version 5.

SWK Technologies deliver a premium level of information and business management throughout the US to support to all of their customers’ needs. Not only that, but they are also a Sage Platinum Partner and a Sage Certified Gold Development Partner, demonstrating their expertise in the industry. SWK are a valued reseller and support partner of X3CloudDocs, bringing digital transformation to finance departments within businesses using Sage X3.

“I can process 90% of PO invoices at such a high level of accuracy that I don’t even have to intervene!”

CAVU Group, Accountant , Jackie Smith

Paul Binkley, the IT ERP Manager at CAVU Group headed up the project to find a best-of-breed Accounts Payable (AP) automation solution that complemented their Sage X3 system.

Paul had two key aims for the project. One was to automate some of the manual finance processes to enable a more efficient working environment for the accountants. The second was to achieve one of CAVU Group’s initiatives: go greener!

Being well connected in the IT industry, Paul reached out to Alex Kay, Senior VP of Customer Success, at SWK for advice.

After seeing a number of other demonstrations and having used other solutions of this type previously, Paul decided that X3CloudDocs was the solution of choice for a seamless integration with Sage X3. CAVU Group have now been using X3CloudDocs since March 2021, achieving all of their aims and more, realising the benefits immediately.

Paul remarked that the implementation process was extremely smooth, “the team at X3CloudDocs (UK) and SWK (US) delivered everything that was initially laid out and, despite the time difference, Paul Mincer [Solutions Consultant at X3CloudDocs] was fantastic at answering any questions and training the team remotely – I have nothing bad to say!”

Jackie Smith, one of CAVU Group’s Accountants and an end user of X3CloudDocs, talks about how the solution has helped her during uncertain times, “early on in the pandemic, I was having to go into the office to collect my paperwork to process. Now though, I can do that all remotely, X3CloudDocs has made working from home much more efficient and the paperless automation accomplished our ‘go greener’ initiative.”

The real benefit of digitising this process is that an electronic copy of the invoice is attached in Sage X3 and stored in the Cloud, “our old system didn’t support this so I love the fact if I have any queries, I can just click on the invoice and have a look straight away,” Jackie comments.

Another of the accountants mentioned that before X3CloudDocs she would spend most of her time emailing colleagues and suppliers to chase up the invoices. Now she is able to email directly from the solution or quickly find out where an invoice is in the workflow in a few clicks, eliminating the ‘admin’ and allowing her to focus on value-added activities.

We asked Jackie what she was most impressed with, her response was, “I can process 90% of PO invoices at such a high level of accuracy that I don’t even have to intervene!”

Due to the simplicity of the solution, Paul Binkley is able investigate any challenges himself and reach out to support if he needs further assistance, making CAVU Group mostly self-sufficient nearly immediately after the go-live.

Lastly, we asked Paul if he would recommend X3CloudDocs to other businesses using Sage X3, “Yes, definitely! If I was asked to go and find an AP automation solution today, I would buy X3CloudDocs again. Coming from the industry myself, I have seen too many businesses implement software and then not use it because it didn’t live up to their expectations. The fact we are happy with X3CD and will continue to use it is a real testament to the product.”

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