About Us

Our Aim

X3CloudDocs is a suite of software developed by a specialist team of experts at Mysoft who are passionate about Automation and Sage X3. We have one simple aim – to drive business efficiency through automation.  Whether you are looking at Invoice or PO/SO automation, Electronic Document Management or advanced workflow processes  – our motto is the same: “Let robots do robot work”. We are constantly looking over the horizon to ensure our customers retain competitive advantage through using X3CloudDocs. 

Who Are We?

Mysoft is a Sage X3 partner with offices in the UK and US focusing on the delivery and support of Sage X3 and associated software in growing businesses. We have been partnered with Sage since 2009 and working with the X3 product for over 20 years. With our focus specifically on Sage X3 and our combined X3 experience of over 400 years, we are perfectly oriented to help customers meet their evolving business needs whilst ensuring they obtain the maximum benefit from their ERP solution.

Our Development Strategy

Through working with many Sage X3 customers over 20 years we understood the needs of our customers and the obvious gap in the ecosystem for a natively integrated suite of solutions – the result is X3CloudDocs.  Using our expert “know how” and collaborating with leading technology partners we have built a suite of software that uniquely brings together world class technology and seamless integrations to create the leading Automation product designed specifically for Sage X3. 

X3CloudDocs continues to grow and develop; led by customer demand.  As the global landscape changes, and technology advances, we have launched new modules (such as SO Automation) and integrated new technology (AI/Machine Learning) based on what our customers are telling us and have a constantly evolving roadmap which will continue to add new modules and exciting new features. 

Global Partnerships

Mysoft has established a network of global partners across EMEA, APAC, NA & LATAM to help us deliver and support the X3CloudDocs suite of productsWe are listed on multiple Sage Marketplaces, including UK, North America and South Africa; and work closely with Sage to maintain our validation.