Purchase Invoice Automation

X3CloudDocs Inbound Purchase Invoice Automation Module

Purchase Invoice Automation (Inbound) automates the accounts payable invoice process through a dedicated workflow. The financial record of the invoice is automatically created in Sage X3, with the original document being securely stored in the cloud. Unlike a manual process, X3CloudDocs Inbound provides full control, auditability and traceability. This digital transformation for your finance department provides instant cost savings and incredibly quick ROI.

X3CloudDocs Inbound Purchase Invoice Automation streamlines the AP process: from receiving an invoice (digitally or physically) to extracting the information and matching this against X3 data to authorisations and posting.

  1. Invoices are received and uploaded manually or automatically for processing.
  2. Data is extracted from the invoice and matched to Sage X3 data (including 3-way matching).
  3. If required, the invoice enters a validation and authorisation process.
  4. Invoices are automatically created in Sage X3, with a copy of the original document securely stored in the cloud.

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Mysoft has partnered with a world-class OCR engine to fully integrate the Purchase Invoice automation into the Sage X3 workflow. The key functional workflow for the process is outlined below, however, the overall functional areas addressed are:

  • Receive invoices from a variety of sources (email, drag and drop, folder automation)
  • Inbound purchase invoice OCR (header and line level)
  • GL Coding
  • Automated or manual
  • Automatic invoice creation in Sage X3
  • Purchase and Supplier BP Invoices, as appropriate
  • View the invoice image held in X3CloudDocs from Sage X3
  • PO & Invoice (2 way) and PO, Receipt, & Invoice (3 way) matching
  • Workflow notifications
  • Invoice approvals
  • Secure storage of invoices
  • Multi-Currency
  • Documents validated against Sage X3 data
  • Advanced learning capabilities

According to Gartner, the typical cost of processing a business invoice averages between £4 and £25 (per individual invoice) and an AP clerk can enter no more than around 5 invoices per hour. This represents a significant financial and opportunity cost to businesses. X3CloudDocs Inbound enables valuable finance professionals to focus on “value-add” tasks rather than repetitive, manual, activities better suited to robots.

  • Cost & Time: The Subscription model for X3CloudDocs ensures that you’re saving money on each invoice that you process, as well as saving your staff time in processing time that could be better spent elsewhere.
  • Automation: From receiving the invoice through to processing and approvals, X3CloudDocs allows you to move Documents around the business digitally.
  • Multi-Channel Capture: Receive invoices from a variety of sources, including email, drag and drop and folder automation.
  • Control: X3CloudDocs allows you to define the rules and workflows for the processing of invoices – from authorisation to fully automated rule-based processing.
  • Visibility: X3CloudDocs enables full visibility for each invoice as it progresses through the approval process, including audit trails.
  • Remote Working: As a cloud product X3CloudDocs remote workers to act on invoices as soon as they arrive; increasing turnaround and improving supplier relationships.

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