Email and Notification Automation​

X3CloudDocs Workflow (Enhanced Email and Notification Automation)​ Module

X3CloudDocs Workflow (Enhanced Email and Notification Automation) is a framework tool to offer an enhanced email engine for the standard Sage X3 workflow engine, in addition to pre-defined workflow scenarios and email templates. Transform the limited plain-text emails provided by Sage X3 by default into interactive, branded, HTML5 emails. X3CloudDocs Workflow enables businesses to leverage the strong automation functionality available in Sage X3’s existing workflow engine to provide attractive and engaging emails both inside and outside the business, opening up a range of possibilities previously often ignored (such as shipping notifications, email approvals, etc.).

X3CloudDocs Workflow (Enhanced Email and Notification Automation) leverages the power of Sage X3 workflows and a custom HTML presentation layer for emails to send branded and interactive notification and approval emails.

  1. Standard or bespoke Sage X3 workflows trigger an email output.
  2. Key data is merged into an HTML5 email, with branded formatting and design.
  3. The email is dispatched to a nominated contact, with any attachments and requests for approvals.
  4. If authorisation, or narrative response, is required Sage X3 is updated with the outcome.

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Email and Notification Automation Infographic
  • Additional options and parameters can be set against standard Sage X3 workflow rules.
  • Data fields can be enabled for “passing through” to X3CloudDocs Workflow (Enhanced Email and Notification Module).
  • Digital assets (logos, etc.) can be managed in the application.
  • Email templates can be designed with extensive CSS and HTML5 functionality, including tabular formatting and corporate branding.
  • A preview of the available in the window, for review during design.
  • Field merging can be coded in with special values to pull data from Sage X3 into the email template.
  • Attachments can be enabled and automatically added to emails when being sent.
  • Where approvals are used, a response can be captured (e.g. rejection reason) and passed back to Sage X3.
  • Value-added integration with Sage X3 Workflow allows businesses to “recycle” existing processes.
  • Harness Sage X3 business logic with HTML5 formatted e-mails to minimize maintenance of rules-based emailing.
  • Include branding on internal and external documents to reinforce brand consistency and extend the use of workflow outside of business.
  • An HTML5 editor in the application allows you to design e-mail formats for maximum flexibility and ease of use.
  • Provide line-level details displayed in tables for maximum usability.
  • Fully integrate Approve/Reject buttons link back to Sage X3.
  • The ability to add comments to the approval process and link back to Sage X3.
  • Approval “on the move”, including from mobile devices, using the cloud– no need to be connected to the office.
  • As a separate web app, this doesn’t use a Sage X3 licence, so it can be extended beyond the normal user base of Sage X3.

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