Solutions & Modules

Automate your business with X3CloudDocs

Cloud-based document management designed specifically for Sage X3 with modules covering Purchase Invoice Automation, Sales Order Automation, Electronic Document Management and Enhanced Email & Notification Automation

Purchase Invoice Automation and Authorisations

  • Seamless integration with Sage X3
  • Fully automated
  • Purchase Invoice creation
  • Automatically match
  • Purchase Orders to those in Sage X3
  • Approval workflows for full accountability and removal of human error risks
  • Best in class SaaS machine learning technology platform
  • Full audit trail of documents, all stored in the cloud

Discover how Finance departments and Sage X3 users can benefit from accounts payable automation. A solution that creates time for Finance employees to carry out higher level tasks such as analysis and decision making. Uncover instant cost savings and incredibly quick ROI, all in the Cloud! Let robots do robot work!

Sales Order Automation

  • Automatic Sales Order creation in Sage X3
  • Multi-currency
  • Duplicate PO checking
  • TLX and OCR automatically extract relevant order information for processing
  • Automatic notification of order receipts from customers
  • Works with your current Sales Order approval and notification workflows in Sage X3
  • Receive customer orders from a variety of sources (email, drag & drop, folder automation).

X3CloudDocs Inbound Sales Order Automation drives efficiencies in the sales department by automatically processing incoming customer orders removing the need for rekeying. Utilising a best-in-class enterprise-grade document and image processing engine coupled with AI and machine learning technology – customer orders are seamlessly converted into sales orders in Sage X3 without any manual intervention.

Electronic Document Management

  • Intuitive document access
  • Role-based security
  • Built for Sage X3 users by Sage X3 experts
  • Automated email dispatch of business documents such as invoices, remittances, or statements
  • Fully indexed and searchable database, all backed-up via the cloud
  • Digital paper trail enabling cost savings on paper, printing and postage

Your document management Cloud for Sage X3. Uncover the cost and time benefits of digitally sending and archiving business documents, all with minimal impact on your IT infrastructure. A solution that enables remote working with paperless processes, and fully traceable document journeys. Let robots do robot work!

Enhanced email and notification automation

  • Send branded customer facing emails from Sage X3
  • Automatically populate email templates with Sage X3 data
  • Accessible worldwide on any device
  • Enhanced email and authorisation module for Sage X3 standard workflow
  • Approve or reject documents through a simple one-click design, even when off your VPN
  • Remove the need for a Sage X3 licence to make approvals