RH Amar

RH Amar, a Specialist Distributor in the Food Industry, Embraces Technology for Streamlined Operations

Learn how the UK’s leading fine food importer and distributor, RH Amar, leverages automation to enhance their service delivery and operational efficiency.

RH Amar
Location: UK
Company Size: >200

The Challenge

Being a predominantly paper-based business, preventing staff from undertaking true value-add activities required to grow the business.

The Outcome

X3CloudDocs has become an integral part of day-to-day business process, driving efficiency and reducing time spent processing invoices.

The Business

RH Amar is a UK-based food distributor that specialises in importing and distributing fine foods from around the world, including Mediterranean and ethnic cuisine. The company has been operating since 1945 and has built its reputation on providing high-quality products and excellent customer service.

As a long-standing business, with a history of operating in a traditional manner; many of the employees at RH Amar have been in their roles for many years and their established working practices have helped grow the business to its current position. In an environment such as this, introducing new business processes and technology needs to be approached sensitively to ensure that it is implemented successfully and provides the planned improvements with minimum disruption to day-to-day business.

RH Amar has a strong commitment to sustainability and ethical sourcing. The company works closely with its suppliers to ensure that its products are sourced responsibly, and it has a comprehensive environmental policy that includes reducing its carbon footprint and minimizing waste.

There was a lot of manual inputs data entry onto our main system, which is Sage X3. There was a lot of manual typing and punching in data that was on the paper. We were very paper-based. Now it feels like history! We are too big to deal with paper anymore.

RH Amar, Finance Director, Paul Tuhrim


Before implementing X3CloudDocs, RH Amar was a business reliant on traditional paper-based activities, with an acknowledgement that this was becoming a bottleneck for staff and preventing them from undertaking the true value-add activities that were required to continue to grow the business; locking up valuable experience and resource in manual and administrative tasks.

Having worked with the software authors of X3CloudDocs, Mysoft, for a number of years, RH Amar was introduced to X3CloudDocs.



With a mature working relationship established over a range of implementation, upgrade and enhancement projects, RH Amar was aware of the depth of experience Mysoft have with Sage X3, and associated product. When it came to reviewing AP automation, the team at RH Amar felt it would be more efficient to work with Mysoft. This strength of relationship and trust in Mysoft’s expertise led them to review, and ultimately select X3CloudDocs Inbound as the AP automation product of choice.

RH Amar also had a time imperative to undertake this project; with an impending site relocation, moving warehouse and office, there was a strong desire to implement a solution quickly.

Fortunately, due to the native integration with Sage X3, RH Amar was able to implement the product quickly, and well in advance of the office move; allowing the team to focus their time on other priorities in the wider transformation project.

RH Amar now plans to investigate X3CloudDocs Outbound to help towards this goal of going paperless, pushing more automated business documentation out via email and securely storing it in the cloud.


The project has been viewed as a great success with Paul Tuhrim, Finance Director, stating that “It’s certainly the best thing we’ve done in years and I’m glad Mysoft approached us because it’s been seamless.”

X3CloudDocs has helped RH Amar drive efficiency and has significantly reduced the time spent processing invoices:

“X3CloudDocs helps us manage the bulk of invoices and debit notes that we receive. It’s so much easier to manage the time that you spend processing them.”

These efficiency gains from automation have been crucial in supporting RH Amar’s growth journey, and the benefit is expected to continue; “It’s a great help because our business is growing quickly and we get more and more documents to process. X3CloudDocs is definitely helping with that a lot.”

When asked whether it has improved their day-to-day work the team are enthusiastically supportive of the automation project, “Our Accounts Payable Manager is able to post through X3CloudDocs in half an hour, when it would’ve taken four or five hours to do it manually”, and believe that all businesses would benefit from investing in AP automation.  The finance team recognises the impact it has made on their department, and supports the clear case that implementing an automation product will pay for itself immediately, saying: “The sooner you move to X3CloudDocs, the sooner you will have more time”.

Reflecting on the project, the team note that it has become an integral part of their day-to-day business process, replacing the old traditional paper-based processes.  Their digital transformation journey with X3CloudDocs isn’t over yet, but the benefits are already being felt.   They also had one piece of advice for anyone looking at AP automation solutions:

“It would be crazy not to have X3CloudDocs.”

“Without a question, we would recommend X3CloudDocs”.

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